"Only hard work and faith are the ones that will bring you success"

- Mazal Levi , Israel News

"He has already become one of the names spoken in Progressive House and World Trap."

- Greg, BPM Aacademy

All this would not have happened if he had not been injured at age 12 and had to be away from school for a long time.
Liam finds himself sucked into the electronic music world and soon realizes that this is something he loves and that something will become a significant part of his life.
Liam soon began to perform in Israel's leading clubs and to produce music for which he would be accepted and appreciated and recognized by the world's DJ artists.
Liam soon joins the leading music academy "BPM" in Israel.
Despite his young age, his works earn hundreds of thousands of shares and views of the world's leading social networks and music venues.
Liam sees his future as a producer and DJ and dreams of influencing global electronic music in the future.
Liam feels lucky that music is a central part of his life.